Shelves and Drawers

A lower shelf was my variation of Wright's dual desktop design. It increases utility with extra storage without the handicap of increasing desktop height. From the model image above, my design has the lower shelf slightly above the height of the chair seat. This shelf has nine inches of clearance height while keeping the desktop at the ergonomically-correct height.

Wright's dual desktop design increased the effective thickness of the desktop. When the bottom of this dual desktop is at the minimum height above the knees, the upper desktop becomes too high for comfortable use. While Wright's dual desktop design looks great, it is not ergonomic and must have made the desk uncomfortable to use.

Desk Drawers were Designed with Many Compartments

The top shelf is designed to imitate Wright's design, but with support columns. To minimize these support columns, a threaded metal rod is used to anchor the cabinet directly.

The drawers were custom built by a California company. To accommodate pencils, markers, rulers and innumerable little things of childhood, I designed the top drawer with nine compartments.

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