Founder and CTO

Inventor of software-as-a-service startup providing automation and remote access tools for data recovery, forensics and malware removal. Used by IT professionals to access remote computers that cannot (or should not) be started normally. Launched (beta) marketplace for the automated installation and configuration of open-source software to remote systems (see FindFollow for example). Patented innovations underlying the SOFIns platform (Patent US 8346897)

  • Product Manager: Observed needs of technicians delivering, and consumers seeking, computer support services. Defined and prioritized requirements. Employed customer development process to improve and expand feature set. Operated as the scrum product owner.
  • Business Analyst: Wrote initial business plan and maintained it using Business Modeling Canvas approach. Identified and pursued partnerships with data recovery, forensics and support organizations. Performed competitor analysis. Crafted first marketing documents. Presented product at conferences.
  • Early Sales Manager: Marketed through LinkedIn groups to recruit first 10 customers. Used “Sales Advantage” training to prospect for new customers. Increased customer base to 27 tech support firms.
  • Software Development Team Member: Assembled and led a distributed team of 6 software developers in Ukraine, Poland and Russia. Operated team as the scrum master.
  • Development Operations Manager: Installed software development tools including Thoughtworks Mingle project planning (later Redmine), Subversion code repository (some Github), Enterprise Architect for UML designs, DokuWiki for online documentation, Hudson/Jenkins for continuous integration, custom Python and Bash scripts for continuous deployment, Selenium Grid for automated regression testing and Puppet to maintain system configurations. Used Proxmox for internal cloud computing infrastructure.
April 03rd, 2013 Posted by Jon Jaroker