This was my first venture. I had been studying for a Ph.D. in semiconductor physics, was having a difficult time and decided to take a year off. During this year off, I was introduced to the directors of Ukrainian-based aluminum metals companies. They complained about difficulty reaching their business partners in New York. I proposed an INMARSAT satellite earth station, they accepted and I spent the next four years traveling throughout Ukraine and Guinea West Africa installing and servicing telecom systems.

The demand for satellite telephony declined in 1995 because fiber optic networks were being installed throughout the former USSR. I attempted to transition the business to software and hardware outsourced design and development services and obtained partnerships with several former-military development firms. I was unable to find customers for these services, however. Instead of returning for my Ph.D. in physics, I went for an MBA in finance and information systems at NYU.

April 03rd, 2013 Posted by Jon Jaroker