System and method for secure real-time high accuracy speech to text conversion of general quality speech

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A method, comprising the steps of receiving an audio stream, filtering the audio stream to separate identifiable words in the audio stream from unidentifiable words, creating a word text file for the identifiable words and storing the word text file in a database, the word text file including word indexing information. Creating audio segments from the audio stream, the audio segments including portions of the audio stream having unidentifiable words, creating audio shreds from the audio segments, the audio shreds including audio shred indexing information to identify each of the audio shreds and storing the audio shred indexing information in the database. Mixing the audio shreds with other audio shreds from other audio streams, delivering the audio shreds to a plurality of transcribers, transcribing each of the audio shreds into a corresponding audio shred text file, the audio shred text file including the audio shred indexing information corresponding to the audio shred from which the audio shred text file was created and reassembling the audio shred text files and the word text files into a conversation text file corresponding to the audio stream.

April 03rd, 2013 Posted by Jon Jaroker