Sales and Service of Inmarsat Earth Stations

S.C. Research Corporation was my first venture, started in 1991. The initial product was a then-new GPS navigation system that I sought to sell to shipping companies, but discovered a greater demand for land-based INMARSAT satellite earth station by aluminum producers in Ukraine and a bauxite mine in Guinea West Africa.

My installations included a business center in the Londonskaya hotel in Odessa, Nikolaev alumina plant, Zaparoshya Smelter, Guinea Bauxite Mining and Kiev. I negotiated and obtained a license from Trimble Navigation to sell and support GMDSS navigation and communication systems as I expanded the initial customer base to include bulk-shipping companies.

As the demand for satellite telephony declined in 1995, I attempted to transition the business to software and hardware outsourced design and development services and obtained partnerships with several former-military development firms in Ukraine.

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