Magazines for Kids

Science and Technology

I grew up reading Popular Science and Popular Mechanics magazines. They are great sources of non-fiction writing for kids. Make Magazine gets my kids talking.

Popular Science

by Bonnier Corporation [Bonnier Corporation]
Rank/Rating: 6/-
Price: $10.00

Popular Mechanics

by Hearst Magazines [Hearst Magazines]
Rank/Rating: -/-
Price: $12.00

The Best of Make:: 75 Projects from the Pages of Make

by Mark Frauenfelder [Maker Media, Inc]
Rank/Rating: 98011/-
Price: $29.28

Today's Popular Science is not the same magazine I remember reading when I was a kid. It has advertisements for sex aids and toys in the back pages.  Some articles are in poor taste, such as the recent "Where donated bodies go" showing severed body parts.  Parents should review the magazine at their library before subscribing.

General Interest

Muse is a kids-focused magazine covering art, science, math and general interest. I prefer this magazine over alternative kid-focused ones because it does not undermine itself by writing "for kids" on the cover.


by Cricket Media [Cricket Media]
Rank/Rating: -/-
Price: $34.95


These are sophisticated magazines dealing with American and world history. Maybe they are more for me than my kids.

American History

by History Net [History Net]
Rank/Rating: 680/-
Price: $40.00

History Today

by History Today Limited [History Today Limited]
Rank/Rating: 1033/-
Price: $99.00

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