Geppetto Features and Review

This is a list of useful features provided by the Geppetto IDE.

Detachable Editor Windows

Geppetto Windows

My development workstation has four monitors and multiple desktops.  I want to see editor windows, virtual machine consoles, web browsers to both the local staging and remote testing environments.  I like to spread out.

The Eclipse IDE used by Geppetto allows separate desktop windows, which is very important for my Puppet development workflow. To create a detached window, select "Window -> New Editor" from the toolbar.

Syntax Checking

Geppetto Syntax

Opening my existing Puppet project in Geppetto for the first time, I was amazed to find so many syntax errors. Even though I use a pre-commit hook to syntax check all Puppet files, Geppetto offers more thorough syntax check that is based on programming standards.

Very High Memory Usage

Geppetto Memory Usage

My workstation has 8GB of RAM, which is required for my development workflow. I like to run at least two virtual machines locally to eliminate extra steps and delays.

Forty percent of my workstation's memory is utilized during my very-simple Geppetto testing. This may pose a problem.

April 29th, 2013 Posted by Jon Jaroker Filed in: Puppet Workflows
  1. Thomas Hallgren
    02nd Sep 2013

    I don’t understand the part about “Very High Memory Usage”. The screen shot shows that Geppetto (the javaw.exe) takes about 4% of 8GB. Then it’s claimed that 40% of the workstation’s memory is utilized during very-simple Geppetto testing. Can you please elaborate on that?

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