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I use a combination of Proxmox and Puppet to implement a personal "cloud" service that is more economical to implement than commercial alternatives.  The cost of server hardware is constantly decreasing while computing power and capabilities are increasing.  Open source software like Proxmox and Puppet is free.  The only thing that is complex and expensive is the technical know-how required to harness the power of open source software.

(My venture, SOFIns, addresses the cost and complexity of technical know-how.)

  1. 29th Jul 2013

    I am interested to know if you could get a reliable proxmox/puppet setup to work?
    If so, might be useful to write a “how to” about it.

    • Jon Jaroker
      16th Sep 2013

      Do you mean puppet control of proxmox configuration? I think there would be better ways to achieve this.

      Proxmox is a very rigid project. The developers want you to install it the way they want it to be installed. For example, review the soft-raid discussion on the message group.

      If I wanted to control the provisioning of raw metal and configuration of new VEs, I would use The Forman project (with Puppet) instead of Proxmox.

      TheForman + Puppet are the tools you may want, instead of Proxmox+Puppet.

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