Samsung XE700T1C Model HA1US Tablet PC with AT&T 4G Lte Cellular Networking

Samsung introduced Ativ Series 7 model HA1US with wireless broadband using AT&T's 4G Lte network.  Model HA1US is the business-grade model A04US with the addition of a cellular modem.

Comparison Between HA1US and A04US

The original A04US and newer HA1US models both have Windows 8 Professional, Advanced-N 6235 wifi and Trusted Platform Module (TPM).  The HA1US includes the detachable keyboard, a $100 accessory that is lacking from the A04US model.

The newer HA1US is a wireless carrier model for sale through AT&T wireless.

More Information

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June 24th, 2013 Posted by Jon Jaroker Filed in: Tablet PCs