Cutting Guide for Handheld Trim Saw.  Metal ruler is used as spacer between a scrap MDF strip that providers support for the saw and minimizes chipping of the veneer.Rough Cutting Plywood.  Construction squares are used to place the cutting guide.Scoring the Plywood Veneer.  This minimizes chipping and makes for a cleaner cut.Rough Cutting Plywood Using Guide.  Safe, easy, clean and fast cuts.Cutting Table for Rough Cuts.  The drop piece is supported.  Saw dust drops into lower box and vacuum hose rides behind trim saw.

Rough Cuts

Unless cut by CNC, full-size plywood is unwieldy and must be rough-cut into smaller pieces.   For fast and accurate cutting, I created a saw and router cutting guide using MDF and an aluminum angle.  One side of this guide is for a hand-held trim saw.  The other side is for a portable router and will be used for final cuts where a smooth edge is required.

Before cutting plywood, I score the plywood veneer using a razor knife.  The score is one-eight of an inch away from the cutting guide.  A metal ruler is used for this offset as it is the same width as the trim saw blade.

November 04th, 2010 Posted by Jon Jaroker Filed in: Construction

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