Экспресс Неоднозначность через поток сознания

Racing through your mind, raw ideas create excitement for your envisioned product, enthusiasm for your new venture and fantasies of success and riches. These raw ideas are a symptom of ambiguity. They are like balloons, inflated by a child, released to spin around the room in a burst of energy that is quickly spent.

To realize your vision, you must first express your ideas in writing. Taming ambiguity requires transferring your ideas from your mind onto paper, where they can be objectively read and inspected.

The transfer to written form should be done quickly and exhaustively, without concerns of grammar, spelling, penmanship or organization. It takes the form of a monologue, такой как "my business customer will want to use the product because it allows them to obtain technical solutions to common business problems like... ." The length can be 10s of pages.

Capturing your ideas in writing eliminates worries that you will forget something. You know when you are done when you feel relief and comfort. Your mind no longer has to work hard to remember all of the details and nuances of your ideas. It is now free to think about the next phase of the process. Continued to the next article that describes how to structure an idea.

Example of Transferring Ideas to Paper

I capture my ideas in paper notebooks, OneNote, personal wikis and even MS Word documents. The form is not important as it is a temporary intermediary between ambiguity and structure.

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