Ляльковий розвитку розподілені по декількох моніторів

Multiple monitors allow Puppet infrastructure, роль, manifests and data files to be viewed side-by-side with different shell windows and file managers.

Given the large number of Puppet files and systems, it is incredibly convenient to arrange different windows across multiple monitors. I built a special purpose workstation to achieve this type of productivity. Multiple monitors allows me to move between writing code, applying changes on a local virtual server and checking for Puppet error messages. During a normal development session, I would do this almost one hundred times and can immediately spot errors and make improvements.

An example development environment is shown below. Click the maximize button to see how the different windows are spread across the four monitors.

Puppet Development Environment

Puppet Development Environment

January 07th, 2013 Опубліковано Джон Jaroker Поданий в: Лялькові Робочі процеси